Allis-Chalmers, Factories

WAW Infographic

Allis-Chalmers Factory Stats


3 thoughts on “WAW Infographic”

  1. Very Cool! Thanks for putting this together. I recently learned that an A-C affiliated company, Tractomotive, produced machines and parts in my hometown of Deerfield, IL. Do you know anything about Tractomotive? It’s hard to imagine heavy-machinery production in Deerfield today; unlike the WAW, there are no vestiges of production visible today.

  2. The Tractomotive relationship is covered nicely in The Construction book by Norm Swinford. The Deerfield plant was fairly large.

  3. Austin, I’m looking for the name and photo of the founder of TRACTOMOTIVE CORPORATION and a photo of the DEERFIELD, IL. plant. Any help would be great, Glenn.

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